Andrews Wins Growing Green Award in Green Up New England Challenge!

“On behalf of the Boston Bruins, the Boston Bruins Foundation, Walmart and Project Green Schools it gives us great pleasure to announce the Andrews Middle School as an Honorable Mention for their Growing Green Garden in the  Green Up New England Challenge!  Congratulations for transforming your schools and communities into GREEN SPACES. Thousands of individuals across New England have been directly impacted as a result of your work and we applaud you.”

The 7B Growing Green Poject, is a student centered garden located at the Andrews Middle School.  It was started three years ago with generous donations from local attorney Jonathan White, parents, the City’s Environmental Department, Teddy Rudolph at R & S Landscaping, and Kathi O’Donoghue, a social studies teacher at the school.   The students have actively participated in a Gardening Club since its inception including tending to the garden throughout the summer.  Students initially learned what re-purposing was and re-purposed approximately 70 cans, jars, and containers to start the plants and herbs which would later be transplanted to the garden.  Students also used grow stations and learned about what green spaces were in a building and how they can add to its aesthetics and create a healthier environment.

The students also learned about LED light bulbs.  Recently, they were awarded a grant from the Andrews PTO to replace the LED light bulbs. This process taught the students how LEDs last as much as 20 times longer than other lighting sources, and therefore do not need to be replaced often. This reduces the impact of manufacturing, packaging and shipping. LEDs also are designed to provide more than a decade of near maintenance-free service. Less servicing also reduces environmental impact.

This season, the Boston Bruins and the Boston Bruins Foundation partnered with Project Green Schools and Walmart for the Green Up New England Challenge, which aims to develop Green Student Leaders in schools throughout New England. Student leaders and schools across New England were asked to compete in presenting the best green school practices, green community practices, energy reduction and waste reduction.  The Andrews Middle School  will receive their award at the 9th Annual Green Difference Awards at the Massachusetts State House this May!