Superintendent Belson’s Statement On Succession Plan For A New Superintendent of Schools

Last night at the School Committee meeting, Superintendent Belson delivered the following statement:  

In June 2016, the Medford School Committee approved a succession plan for the position of Superintendent of Schools.  A copy of that plan is attached to this report/recommendation.  While it is within your discretion to keep, modify, and/or change the plan, it is a fundamental blueprint to begin the processes of succession and transition.

It has been my privilege and honor to be an educator in the Medford Public Schools for fifty years and to serve as your Superintendent of Schools for twenty-three years.  I have greatly benefitted from the high quality and diligence of the professionals, support staff, school committee members and citizens who have worked with me throughout my career.  I am eternally grateful to them for making my tenure and responsibilities as productive and rewarding as reasonably possible.

I have been very fortunate to have seen former students become teachers, administrators, and staff in our schools.  I have had the experience of enrolling the children and grandchildren of former students.

While no one does significant work alone, I have had the opportunity to build new schools, establish a full range of programs, and acquire hundreds of millions in grants for our community and school district.  Understandably, there is always room for improvement, but much has been done and more will be done in the months ahead.  No one gets to finish everything, but we have put a lot in place that will be a solid foundation for the future.

Therefore, I am herein informing the Medford School Committee that it is my intention to retire from the position of Superintendent of the Medford Public Schools at the completion of my contract on June 30, 2018.  This decision has been made without reference to any governmental change and/or issues that are in our community.  It is simply the right period for me to spend more time with my family and to pursue special causes and interests that have not been possible given the schedule and work responsibility of an active School Superintendent.

It is my intent and plan to be fully engaged in the months ahead as your Superintendent.  We have a lot of positive opportunities ahead of us and I will do everything possible to optimize and achieve our goals.  Furthermore, I will be fully committed to ensuring a smooth and effective transition to new senior leadership.

The School Committee commented after his remarks…

Mayor Stephanie Burke – “Mr. Superintendent, you have served this school system for over 50 years, with great pride and respect.  I want to personally thank you for staying on during my first term as Mayor to help me adjust to the Chairman’s position.  If you have any school question at all, you would get your answer from Roy.  You will be greatly missed!”

Ann Marie Cugno – “Thank you Superintendent Belson.  I speak out of respect for your dedication and devotion to the Medford School System.  Roy is looked upon as a leader in education throughout the state.  Most Superintendents stay in a district 3 years.  We are very, very lucky to have had you for as long as we have.”

Paulette Van der Kloot – “Mr. Superintendent, you are an exceptional leader, unparalleled in your service.  You work late into the night and on weekends.  You are available to us at anytime of the day or night, or even if you are away at a conference or on vacation.  You always return our calls.  You respond to us immediately.  You are compassionate leader as well, always ready to assist staff in their time of need.  You have been a pioneer in this community, pushing the importance of early childhood education and the establishment of the Medford Family Network.  A remarkable leader, you will be dearly missed.”

Kathy Kreatz – “Mr. Superintendent, you are a great leader who I am fortunate to have had guide me in my first term of office.  You are always accessible to us and to the parents.  Your retirement is bittersweet for me.  I wish you nothing but the best.”

Robert Emmet Skerry, Jr. – “You have had a long run, a great run and dedicated 50 years of life to education.  Medford is a better place because of you educationally.  You are a master at the budget and always keep the needs of the children front and center.  Don’t be a stranger.”

Mea Mustone – “Mr. Superintendent, I extend my congratulations and wish you well in your retirement.”

Erin DiBenedetto – “Mr. Superintendent, the blue and white run through your veins.  You are leaving on a high note.  Congratulations and best wishes.”

Superintendent Belson – “It has been an honor and privilege to have served as Superintendent for the last 23 years.  I am grateful to all.”