MHS Students Nationally Recognized For ELL Project

(From the Medford Transcript – 12/14/17)

“For many of these students, the challenges of learning a new language in high school extend beyond proper grammar and spelling. Tasks that may seem intuitive too those who have lived in the United States and spoken English their whole lives, such as locking and unlocking lockers, filling out necessary school forms and navigating the school building, can be quite difficult for those less familiar with the school, the English language and the country.

That’s why three Medford High juniors have created a project to help ELL students learn how to do these everyday tasks – to provide some of the information that the official ELL curriculum does not cover. These students – Luiza Barbosa, Rubia Fernandes and Jenna Agnone – have started making video demonstrations of these tasks in the most common languages other than English spoken at Medford High.”

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