McGlynn Middle Announces Community Partnership With MIDE Engineering

The McGlynn Middle School is very excited to announce its community partnership with local engineering and technology company MIDE.  MIDE, founded by Dr. Marthinus van Schoor, a Ph.D. graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, has proposed a partnership with Medford‘s McGlynn  Middle School.   MIDE shares the goal of showing students what engineers do, the pathways to engineering, and how what they learn today has real world application.  14 MIDE volunteers including Dr. van Schoor have created hands-on activities that have connections to the science and math curricula taught by the McGlynn Middle School teachers to conduct with students.  MIDE engineers will introduce themselves to the 6th and 7th graders at an assembly on January 18 and share their experiences and vision.  They will begin their activities with four classes of students on January 25 and plan on additional sessions in both February and March.   Dr. Jeff Court, Senior Mechanical Engineer and Director of Innovation at MIDE, is coordinating the initiative and observed that when speaking with the engineers who are participating in the program, how enthusiastic they were at the prospect of sharing their careers with the students: “Even if we inspire only one student, that is rewarding enough.”

Pictured left to right:  Jody Liu, Assistant Principal, McGlynn Middle School, Luke Saindon, MIDE Mechnical Engineer; Camden Houghton, MIDE Mechnical Engineer; Michael Ostromecky, MIDE Mechnical Engineer; Jeff Court, MIDE Director of Innovation; Peter Scheidler, MIDE Electrical Engineer; David Manion, MIDE Director of Marketing; Marjorie Martignetti, MIDE Corporate Secretary; and Nicole Martignetti, MIDE Marketing Specialist.

MIDE engineers introduced themselves to the McGlynn Middle School 6th and 7th graders on Thursday, January 18,  in anticipation of their visits beginning next week and continuing into March MIDE wants to share what engineers do, the pathways to engineering, and how what our students learn today has real world application.  During their talk, they explained what the different types of engineers are and what they do, as well as some of the projects their engineering and technology firm has developed, from a fuel line for midair refueling of airforce jets to figuring out what animals are thinking towards someday communicating with them.   The engineers, coordinated by senior engineer Dr. Jeff Court and founder Dr. Marthinus van Schoor have volunteered their time away from MIDE to conduct hands-on activities for the students that apply math and science concepts.   MMS math and science teachers have shared their curricula with the engineers and are excited for their visit.