McGlynn Students Art Work On Display!

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Mrs. Belanger, Art Teacher,  McGlynn Elementary School

The Art Room is COVERED in paint at the McGlynn Elementary School…and with good reason!   We have been painting on canvas (stretched and board) for the past week.  I decided that we would stick to a simple shape, a heart, and allow students to make all of the decisions from there.  Partners and trios worked together to bring these hearts to life.  We discussed that hearts represent all emotion, not only love, which opened the door to creative interpretation.  When we are scared, our heart beats fast, when we are sad, it aches.  How as artists would we show these feelings?  My heart is full of pride this week because of the efforts put forth by all grade levels during this collaborative project. 

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Special thanks to Mrs. Fee, from the McGlynn Middle School, for allowing us to use her table easels from her own personal collection to make this project a success