MFN Seeking Parents & Community Partners For Peer Review Team!

Peer Review Team ….
Needs 4 More Parents and 2 Community Partners!
Thank you to the parents and community members who have already joined.
We are in the process of building this year’s Peer Review Team!  We will be partnering with The Center for Families in Cambridge our colleague Network that serves Cambridge families.  This is a comprehensive evaluation that is conducted to ensure that both Family Centers deliver high-quality services to their local families.
Timeframe:  February – May 2018
* Orientation in late February
* MFN Self-Assessment in late February or early March
* Site Visit from Peers in mid March
* Feedback Summary from Peers in April
* Final Summary in May
Please contact Marie Cassidy at (781) 393-2106 to learn about the specific activities that will take place and the important role the Team Members play investing in program success through this process.
Includes parent stipend for participation, child care and transportation.
Let us be your “Friend to Know…Place to Grow”.   Together we can bring out the best in each.