Did You Know….

The average class size in the Medford Public Schools District is below 19 students per teacher, which is among the lowest in the state

The Medford Public Schools offers full day kindergarten for free

The student-teacher ratio is 11.5 students to a teacher, compared to a state ratio of 13.3

That Medford High School offers over 40 extracurricular clubs and activities to students?

The average class size for first grade in the Medford Public Schools is 18.7, among the lowest in the State

That 99.7% of all teachers are licensed in their field, far surpassing teachers in charters or other private schools

That Medford High School offers 20 Advanced Placement Courses and 30 Honors Classes – among the highest in the State

That Medford Vocational Technical High School offers 18 Career and Technical Programs and combines academic classes with the high school

That this year, 20 students are participating in a College Dual Enrollment course at Medford High School

That K-2 class size is 17-18 students, among the lowest in the State

That Medford Public Schools offer Before School and After School Programs

That Medford Public Schools offers the Medford Family Network, a FREE universal parenting education and family support program focusing on the positive impact on the development process of children prenatal to 8, while supporting the families that care for them

The English Language Learners Program is housed in six of our schools; all of the elementary schools, the McGlynn Middle School, and Medford High School/Medford Vocational Technical High School.

The Medford Public Schools offers free transportation to all of the elementary and middle schools

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  1. Paul Ellis says:

    Hello Lisa,
    Will you be posting a list of the colleges/universities that the class of 2016 was accepted to? I have heard the class of 2016 list is very impressive.

    1. agoldsberry@medford.k12.ma.us says:

      Hi Paul,

      This info will get posted next week (likely Thursday) along with our graduation photos after our seniors graduate.

  2. Frank O'Leary says:

    Just shared this through the Medford Community Coalition FB page because this is great stuff for Medford to know.

  3. Beth Barry says:

    I am curious about your Ultimate Frisbee fundraiser. Cool idea! Was it successful?


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