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  1. Jenna LaBissoniere says:

    This was my first time visiting the blog. I found it very informational. My children attend the Roberts School, so it is nice to see what is going on at other schools as well. Keep up the good work.

  2. rich Carle says:

    this is a very informative site. keep it up

  3. Joan Yaeger says:

    This is a great way to stay informed and see the great things our students , teachers , and all MPS staff are doing ! Thank you!

  4. Bill Conroy says:

    Can you confirm the Summer Food Kickoff Party hours? The flier lists the times as 11:30AM-12:30PM on Wednesday July 13 (at Tufts Park), which is only one hour. Is that correct?

    1. Lisa Evangelista says:

      It’s 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM … sorry for the confusion

  5. Sharon Guzik says:

    Lisa –

    A great idea to profile MHS grads. I have wanted to do this since I realized that people had very mistaken perceptions about the Medford schools. Keep it up! You are doing a terrific job.

  6. Paul Ellis says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Is there a link for the Medford High School Robotics Team Snap! fundraiser? I searched but can not find it.

    1. Lisa Evangelista says:

      Hi Paul, Let me find out … I found the information on facebook … I will get back to you asap … Thanks … Lisa

      1. Lisa Evangelista says:

        Hi Paul,

        I’ve updated the post to include the link I hope this helps … Thanks for your support … Lisa

  7. Jen Hunter says:

    The Art Bus is a project of the Medford Arts Center, not the Medford Arts Council, which is a different organization.

  8. Sandy Smith says:

    Great site, first time here. Just a heads up, though, that the URL for Dina Scarpelli’s CrowdRise page isn’t quite right. It currently goes to a “page not found.” It just needs a 1 at the end of her name:


  9. Hi, there will be a citywide exhibit of MPS 3rd and 7th grade artwork at City Hall 4/6-4/9, with a casual reception for families on 4/9 2-3pm, with MHS student Fatima Lemos giving a short vocal performance. All are welcome. Could you please post this on your event listing? The event is the Medford Children’s Art Showcase. This is the 8th year. I am happy to provide more information if desired. Please let me know the best way to send a photo.

  10. Stephanie Tapia says:

    I am aware that different schools have different codes for the lowell spinners game…could you please share the code for the McGlynn school?

    1. agoldsberry@medford.k12.ma.us says:

      Please contact the McGlynn School directly

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